Sunday, February 11, 2007

I have a friend whose husband is buddies with a bakery owner here. Sometimes, he gives my friend's husband surplus baked goods. A few times these have been passed on to me. I then have the merit of sharing them with other families in the neighborhood.

So my friend called me erev shabbos and asked if I could pass the goods along (that sounds mafioso, right?). I thought I could, but then I got busy with my baby and with shabbos and wasn't able to do it. I felt bad. For me, the mitzvah is to get them to the families before shabbos. Then they have an unexpected kichel or challah to enjoy.

I wasn't able to get the stuff out motsei shabbos, either, and I had extended family here all day. I figured I would do the mitzvah tonight. The first person I called to deliver to said; "Did you know Sara had a baby boy? I think they're making the bris this week. How about you give it all to them?" Beautiful! I coordinated with one of Sara's neighbors, and arranged to bring it to her. It was a 20 minute drive, so I decided to pull out an old Dead tape.

I rummaged around and found the very first show I ever heard. I got all excited to have this private car time - just me and the Dead (and the pastries). I called a buddy in Crown Heights: "MAVEN! I'm so happy to hear from you! I'm just about to open an Iggeres Hakodesh with my husband. Can I talk to you later?" I clicked off my cell phone and continued listening to "Gimme Some Lovin'." I started thinking about my holy friend and her holy husband. Was he putting on a gartel? They were probably facing a major decision and were writing in to the Rebbe. I felt sad. When was the last time Yaakov and I wrote to the Rebbe? What happened to our hiskashrus? Why can't we be like them?

And then another voice said; Stop comparing! Look what you're doing right now! You went out of your way to drive these mitzvah pastries - for a bris! And Yaakov is home washing dishes and helping around the house. Nu, what's wrong with that?


p.s. 6/15/85 Greek Theatre set II

Wheel>Gimme Some Lovin'>Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

She Belongs to Me
U.S. Blues


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