Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Day of the Golden Dragon.

So Dad is really into Chinese culture. When Chaya was born, we asked him what he wanted to be called. "Do you wanna be Zeide? Pop-Pop? Grandpa?" He paused for a moment. "I want to be called Gung Gung" - the Chinese title for the maternal grandfather.

Gung Gung takes long showers. Like, really long showers. And he sings Hava Nagila while showering. Nu, how can you go wrong with such a person?

After his shower, Gung Gung starts chatting up Chaya. "You know, you were born in the year of the Golden Dragon. That's a very lucky year."
All along, we thought Chaya was born in Tof Shin Samech, but Gung Gung enlightened us. (Interestingly enough, she does have a "Golden Dragon" personality).

We hustled out the door to a bris, and Rabbi B got Dad to put on tefillin. Then off to the library, where the project was to make a chinese dragon (!!!). We're approaching the Chinese New Year, so I think that's why they did it. I read an interesting kid's book about the Chinese New Year, and I checked it out for Dad.

Then we went to the craziest outlet mall ever. If I had known how crazy huge it was, I would have made it an all day affair.
We met a great Israeli girl named Ziv. I bought some warm clothes for Srulik. Rivky laid on the floor. Chaya got some Polly Pockets. Srulik gashed his eyebrow in the bookstore. Dad didn't take off his old dude sunglasses, not a once.

But the best mall moment, by far, is when we passed one of those rolley-cart thingies selling hookas. Dad called out, "I'll buy one if you give me something to pack the bowl with!" Oh. My. God. I laughed so hard. Dad was literally chortling.

Gung Hei Fat Choy!


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