Sunday, April 15, 2007
Dear Readers,

Thank you for your emails on the "Jennifer" post. I want to clarify some things: Bizarrely enough, blogger was having some technical difficulties and the comments were disabled for that post. I did not turn them off, and I certainly welcome your input.

I am not ashamed for wanting to shelter my children. The bottom line is that Jennifer was discussing easter. I don't want my kids hearing about that. Period. For Jews, it's tantamount to idol-worship.

I know the subject is controversial, nonetheless, I decided to post it. I feel my integrity as a blogger rests on writing my truth. I've discussed many "hot" topics here: struggles as a religious Jew, anxiety, anger issues, overeating, racism, parenting challenges...the list goes on. I've been fiercely introspective in this forum, and I will continue.

I hope you'll continue sharing my journey - thank you.


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