Sunday, April 08, 2007
The Pesach Revue:

This pesach, Zalman took his first steps. He also ate chicken for the first time, and did well with all the food I lovingly chewed up for him. No go on the matzo (he barfed).

We made home-made potato chips fried in schmaltz, as well as "schmaltz and gribenes" - chicken skin fried in chicken fat (pesach keeps cardiologists in business).
I've consumed so much meat, it's not normal. I'm anemic, but maybe not anymore...

Today I ruined a whole pot of homemade apple-pear compote. I kept thinking, "I have to take it off the burner," and I kept getting distracted. Bummer. I also may have ruined the pot. Big bummer.

Yaakov went to play a gig for The King David Bikers (paging Wendy...). Someone in shul asked Yaakov to play. He said he would, only to find out later for whom. I told him to take a picture of the hogs parked outside.

Photos coming after yom tov - stay tuned!


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