Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Yechi Charlie!

I called a friend tonight at her engagement party.

Friend: Guess who's here?
Me: Who?
Friend: Charlie Buttons!
Me: Charlie? That's awesome!
Friend: You wanna talk to him?
Me: Yeah!

So Charlie gets on the phone and I talked to him for about 5 minutes. He told me all about his physical therapy, sang a few of his trademark songs, did his schtick. It was such an honor to talk to him!

Charlie is a Crown Heights character - a fixture at simchas. He comes with balloons and makes balloon thingies for everybody. He always wears his trademark denim overalls, covered in buttons.

I personally sought him out and hand-delivered my wedding invitation to him, not that he needed it. Charlie finds his way to every simcha - brissim, l'chaims, shalom zochors. You name it, Charlie's at it.

Many think he's a lamed-vovnik. You never know...


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