Friday, March 30, 2007

This time of year is terrible for me. The house is basically clean for pesach, yet it's not pesach yet. The kids are eating rice cakes and kosher l'pesach food, but I still get anxious about the crumbs. The only food I have in my house right now is kosher l'pesach nosh (only for erev pesach, we don't eat it on pesach itself). Last night we got a pizza and had a picnic outside on the grass, but not without me worrying about all the crumbs. We ordered 2 pizzas so the kids could eat pizza for breakfast - I kept the pizza in the laundry room (wrapped in a garbage bag). When my kids were done with their pizza picnic, I washed their hands, took off their clothes and stuck them right in the wash. I don't mess around. Lest you think this is mad OCD, many women I know get this way. Last night at a bar-mitzvah we were trading "freak-out" stories.

While I was at the bar-mitzvah, Yaakov kashered and covered the kitchen. The plastic he got this year to cover the countertops is black. We also use black plastic to cover the cabinets, stove, etc. When I came home from the bar-mitzvah, Yaakov said, "Check out your Darth Vader pesach kitchen."

I love that man.


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