Monday, April 23, 2007
My Shikse Goddess.

When I lived in South Carolina (13 years ago!) my roomate was blonde and beautiful. When we would go out, men would literally turn their heads and stare. Now you might be thinking, "No Maven, they were staring at you!" Okay, I was beautiful, if you liked Jewish hippie girls. But trust me, they were looking at her.

She was fun and not too brainy, and wonderfully uncomplicated. She used to get stoned and go jogging (leaving me semi-comatose in our living room). I remember how she would braid her hair, or put it in huge red rollers. She had a sunshine tattoo on her leg, and she loved cocoa butter lotion.

I was never friends with a woman like her before. If life hadn't thrown us together, we'd never connect. We'd go to bars and she'd drink, while I'd try to find someone to play chess with.

She loved the beach, she loved clothes, she loved tchotchkes with suns and moons on them. She had never seen Star Wars (which I was forever convincing her to watch). And as much as I couldn't connect to her spiritually or emotionally, I had a little crush on her. I mean, for real, she was a total shikse goddess.

I miss her.


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