Monday, May 21, 2007
Think Globally...

So this morning, in the shower, I was thinking about Stalin (everybody thinks about autocrats while showering, right?).

So I thought about how he mercilessly ruined and ended so many lives. How could he do that?

And then another thought formed. Stalin spent a lot of time giving orders. He wasn't out there killing people. He wasn't yanking people out of their homes, away from their screaming wives and children. He wasn't putting people on the trains to Siberia. He had other people do it for him.

And giving the orders is a lot different than doing the dirty work. It's easy to sit at a desk and sign off on somebody's life. Just like it's easier to drop a bomb from an airplane than to shoot up an entire village of men, women, and children.

There's a psychological block that happens when you aren't there yourself. And that's why this terrible world is going on all around me and I could care less. Darfur? Who cares! I need to cook for shavuos! I am, however, cooking for four other Jewish families.

I cannot hear the cries of the suffering millions when I'm ensconced in my own little life. But I can make lasagne.


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