Monday, December 31, 2007

I just had some problems with Blogger, saying my password was incorrect, blah blah. The problem seems to have resolved itself (hopefully). If you never hear from me again, the insidious Blogger overlords have locked me out. Just saying.

New year's on the secular calendar means zilch to me, but if it means something to you, mazel tov. (Dad told me that 2008 is a very lucky year according to Chinese astrology, 8 being a magic Chinese number.)

And speaking of Dad, he's supposedly arriving on Wednesday morning. He sent his special "surprise box" about a month ago. My kids associate him with take-out food, so Rivky has already inundated me with restaurant requests. I hope the visit will be normal, but that's highly unlikely. Yay, Dad!

I was rummaging through a box the other day, and found a response card to my wedding: "I hope you don't have any long strange trips!" I also found the entire broken plate from my engagement, wrapped in 2 paper bags. I chucked it. I already have a big shard of it, why do I need to save the whole plate (nu?). For now, being organized trumps being sentimental.

Zalman seems to have recovered from his second bout of Rotavirus, though I still periodically have to scrub the carpets. The smell does not go away!

Today, I told a friend about some things from my pre-frum past. It seemed so far away, and yet it was such a part of me. And I felt kind of weird to tell her, but safe and loved at the same time. So it was weird and okay, all at once.

There are some unusually stressful things happening, which I cannot talk about at present. I hope to be able to share some good things in a couple of months. I know I haven't been posting a lot lately, but I'm still here. I hope you are, too.


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