Tuesday, August 23, 2005

We checked out a book from the library once, called "Sometimes I'm Bombaloo." This is a book about Katie and her tantrums, and how Katie and her mom deal with them. It's a very cute picture book. Since then, when people (or situations) get loopy in our house, we say they're bombaloo. Well, this morning was bombaloo to the 10th power. It all started when my 3 spirited kids went into the freezer for the ice cream. I laughed with them the first time and locked the fridge, and said "please don't do it again." At one point I forgot to lock the fridge, and they went for the ice cream again. I laughed a second time with them and locked it again. Chaya said, "I know how to open the lock." I said, "that's great, but I know you'll respect mommy and keep it closed." The third time (always the charm), the locksmith was the culprit. "Chaya," I said, "I'm feeling very hurt that you didn't respect my wishes. The consequences are that I am taking away your gum for the day." BOMBALOO! Firstly, let me tell you about Chaya and gum. Gum is a new thing for her, and she's allowed just one piece a day. She fervently protects her precious treasure by putting it in a plastic bag when she wants to eat. She will chew that gum all day long. Gum = life. Anyway, she went ballistic. Screaming. Raging. Pulling stuff off the refrigerator. "I can see you're very angry," I said "and I don't blame you. We can have gum tomorrow." More raging. More screaming. I ignored her. Finally she calmed down enough to lay down and watch a video, and i snuggled next to her. "I'm proud of the way you calmed down, Chaya." We high-fived. After the video, though, the gum issue resurfaces. This time, she starts kicking me. "That's not okay!" I said, "I'm feeling angry!" I got up to go to my room. She wailed and hung on to my housecoat. She glued herself to me as I made my way to my room. "Chaya, I'm angry and I need my space now," I said. "Mommy doesn't want to be around you when I feel angry like this." She blocked door, and I had to remove her to get to my sanctuary. I shut the door, locked it, and went into my bathroom. I turned on the water (to drown out the screaming and kicking on my door) and called Mrs. Stein on my cell phone. "Wanna go to the library with me?" I asked her answering machine, "I'm locked in my bathroom hiding from my kids."

Other highlights of my fine morning:

Rivky pishing on a chair and me removing her from it, only to have the chair fall over and have pish land all over my slippers and stockings.

Srulik dumping a whole bowl of popcorn on the floor and having a dance party with Rivky all over it.

Going to the library and making a project with the kids (just so you don't think my life is only misery)!


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