Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tonight, at a shiur, I met one of the Chevra Kadisha ladies I've worked with before. She always heads the group when I work with her, and she's a good leader. She asked me about my new schedule. I think we were both pleased to discover that I would have some time to give to the Chevra again. For some weird reason, every time I've been asked to do a tahara, I ate too much for breakfast. I'm sitting around eating Yaakov's Sunday pancakes (Gefen blueberry mix) when the call comes. Then on the drive home, I inevitably think: "What if the dude in the car next to me knew what I just did? I just prepared someone for her burial. What would he think of that?" I mean, what does it matter what the sheigetz in the Honda thinks? The answer to that probably solves my blogging quandary: "why am I doing this?"


Because I'm wondering what the world at large thinks of my little life.

Either that or I'm a complete egomaniac.


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