Sunday, August 28, 2005

We took our kids to the mall today. Something to do, a destination, something to get us out of Nana's house. I figured we could go and spray perfume, go into the science store, blah blah. This is the mall by my mom's house, not the one with the indoor playground near me. So we're walking along, big mall, kids are getting tired. I knew when we turned the corner, there was a way out to our car. Well, let me tell you what I saw. A billboard. A man and a woman, half undressed, in a major lip-lock. OMIGOD. My precious children. My super-sensitive, oh-so-perceptive 5 year old. "Chaya!" I called frantically, "Come into this fun computer store!" She turned and came in with me, and then wanted to go out. "No, Chaya, we're going back this way." She started screaming. I picked her up, and she went berserk. "I want Tatty!" My husband, meanwhile, had turned around and did not know what was going on; he had missed the billboard. He only knew his wife was being a nutcase. He started walking with the other kids towards me. "What's the problem?" he says. "There's a billboard there that is not appropriate for our children to see," I seethed. "You're giving it chayes! If you just ignored it they would have never seen it!" he said. "You're wrong! It's literally right in the middle of the path! There's NO WAY they could miss it!" I shot back. Yaakov was getting annoyed. He picked up the kids and headed out to the exit (and billboard). I was frantically in tow, playing a hat game with Chaya. Simple game, easy rules - mommy covers your face with tatty's hat. Isn't this fun? Meanwhile, he gets them out the door and I hang back to file a complaint with the mall office ("You're wasting your time," Yaakov said). I had to write out my complaint, and you could see my anger raging from the ink. I got a business card to call them and complain, too. If all this wasn't bad enough, I got in the car and Yaakov and I had the nastiest fight about it. In front of the kids. Maybe I'm an idiot to take them to the mall in the first place. I am so upset right now.


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