Sunday, August 28, 2005
Kill Your Television

Thank G-d, we don't own a TV. We've been visiting my mom frequently since we've lived here, and never once have we turned on her television. Maybe because our kids were always around. Yet even during the few over-nights we've had, when the kids were asleep, we still never turned it on. Last night changed all that. She called to us, that seductive siren, her many channels beckoning like a mind-numbing octopus. It started when I walked into the den; Yaakov was watching the NASA channel. I sat down, and we watched footage of the shuttle docking with the international space station. That interested me for about 10 minutes, then I started hocking him to change the channel. I even got my mom's "Direct TV Channel Guide" to help us. I recommended channels that I thought we would like (Nat'l Geographic channel, Learning channel, Discovery channel, yada yada). Finally we settled on the History channel, which was showing the great film "Apollo 13." Plus, they had an interview with Commander Jim Lovell, which was really interesting. So we watched that, and in between commercials we would flip to VH1. Yaakov impressed me with his arcane knowledge of 80's bands ("The B-52's were MUCH better before their bassist died").

Highlight of the night: Watching Stevie Wonder on VH1
Lowlight of the night: Watching 5 minutes of "Beavis and Butt-Head"

I am so glad we don't own one.


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