Wednesday, August 31, 2005
G-d shook the snow globe...

This Hurricane Katrina really blew the hell out of New Orleans and Mississippi. How many billions of dollars is it going to take to heal this insanity? I see the images online, I read the stories, I am horrified. HORRIFIED. The destruction is beyond massive. And the vandalism? Disgusting! I can understand if somebody needs food or water, or other emergency items. But baseball caps? TV's? Beer? Come on, people. That's gross. I read stories about hospital patients dying, mamesh babies in the ICU. People camped out under overpasses with no water. Thousands of people in complete desperation. People getting robbed at gunpoint. Total anarchy. If this is the character of New Orleans, no wonder Hashem wanted to destroy it. Aren't some bigwigs in Washington going to send some help there? How about sending in a special unit to control the hoodlums and the violence? I don't know how these things work. I feel so sorry for all these suffering people, it's a disaster of biblical proportions. Please G-d, help the innocent victims. Please G-d, help them rebuild and repair. Please G-d, spare us your wrath. Ad mosai, Hashem, ad mosai.


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