Sunday, October 02, 2005
Paging Julia Child:

Rosh Hashana is fast approaching, and food is very much on my mind. I'm using a new recipe for both honey cake and challah. Some foods I rarely make, like tzimmes. There's a lot of food on the menu that I consider daunting! Anyway, here's a sample Monday night menu:

chummous and chatzilim
green salad with strawberries and baby corn
sugar snap peas with carrots, red pepper, and miso dressing
roasted zuccini and sauteed shiitake mushrooms
black olives
traditionals: pomegranates, apples and honey, fish head
breaded, baked gefilte fish
noodles (for the picky eaters)

matzo ball soup

honey baked chicken
sweet noodle kugel
tzimmes with meat

honey cake, cookies, tea

We're having lots of guests, so everybody say a little prayer for Chef Maven.

Okay, say a big prayer.


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