Sunday, October 30, 2005

We lost power Monday morning, When Wilma hit. We still don't have it - our longest stretch yet. Mom just got power yesterday, so this morning I drove over (with mountains of laundry).

The hurricane itself was so intense, and it was only a category 3. We had a window break, and an oak tree fell into our back yard. My neighborhood is devastated by tree damage. Trees fell down on rooftops, on top of cars, through windows. Huge trees, ancient looking, just ripped up by their roots. Most of the palm trees made it, but many oaks and the heavier trees didn't. A stunning reminder of something I learned in both Taoism and Judaism, that one must be like the reed. Grow strong roots, anchor yourself, but be flexible. The wind is unbelievable, I don't think anyone can really understand unless they've been through a hurricane. Traffic lights completely blown away. Metal sign posts broken in half from the gusts. Power lines littering the sidewalks.

I've tried to be cheerful through this, but I think you folks know by now that I love to complain. Many times I've sung to myself "No power, no cry." (Guess which Bob Marley song I borrowed?) I've told my kids stories about Laura Ingalls, a little girl who was born before people even had electricity. Before computers, cars, and cell phones (Chaya: No cell phones? That's CRAZY!") . How Pa Ingalls would go out and shoot their dinner, and then come home and play his fiddle. How Ma Ingalls could feed her family when there was practically nothing. I thought to myself how sturdy and self-reliant those people were. How dependent we - as a society - have become on gas and electricty and machinery.

We have a barbecue, and an old kerosene camping stove (on which I made an excellent chicken soup for shabbos). We have a cooler with ice. We have a generator that runs an hour or two each day (and gives our fridge a little juice). So we're getting by. It's hard sometimes, and certainly inconvenient, but we're managing. I have heard that we will have power either by Nov. 8th, 18th, or 22nd. For sure by Thanksgiving, we're told. I'm trying VERY HARD not to be bitter that the rest of the state seems to be getting power.

The funniest thing is how much I miss blogging! I'll only be able to blog when I'm at mom's house, and I don't know how often that will be. I hope we get power soon.


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