Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Today at the mall playground I saw Srulik about to put a cookie into his mouth. Where did he get that? I wondered, as I ran to stop him. I found the culprit soon enough: a well meaning grandmother.

I waited a minute to catch my breath and calm down. Do I say something to her? I debated. I decided to. "You know," I said to her, "My son couldn't eat that cookie because we keep kosher, but it's always a good idea to check with the parents first. Sometimes kids have allergies, you never know." She understood.

Then a couple nearby started talking to me, telling me how they lived in a condo that has a shul on the first floor! Wow! We shmoozed a little, and then the husband proceeded to tell me a dirty joke. Right there, in front of his wife and kid. At first I was weirded out and blamed myself - what vibe did I give off that made him think that was okay? Then I decided that this is not a mavencentric universe. It's not all about me - obviously he had his issues.

I've been running all day long, my brain is furry and Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I don't have a menu planned (except turkey and instant mashed potatoes, ha ha). I locked the door to the office here to have some "down time," but Srulik is hellbent on having a bottle NOW.

Gotta go, duty calls.

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