Thursday, November 10, 2005

Holy cow - it's 2 weeks away. I completely forgot. I'm too busy being traumatized post-hurricane!

I have divided opinions on this event. As a religious Jew, I have my own holidays (and Thanksgiving aint one of 'em). It doesn't mean anything to me on a spiritual level. On the other hand, I'm an American (and a history buff). I can appreciate Thanksgiving from that perspective, at least. Plus, I can never get my grandparents to come for any yomim tovim. I'm challishing they should come for Pesach, but would they? NO. Thanksgiving? Well, that's a nice, safe holiday. Not too religious for them.

I made Thanksgiving last year and the family came. I made my very first turkey. I even stuffed it and sewed it up with a needle and thread, just like Martha Stewart would. Heck, the turkey had
to be fancy schmancy - I served it with instant mashed potatoes (nobody noticed). I made everyone at the table say something that they were thankful to Hashem for, so at least I schlepped G-d into it, too.

Then I made turkey soup with matzo balls for shabbos, and we had leftover turkey and fixins' for dinner. It was good.

So this afternoon I called the family and penciled them in - Thanksgiving, here we come.


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