Tuesday, November 15, 2005
A bad day at the Big K.

K-Mart. There must be a hiring policy there - IQ higher than 80, no dice.

Yaakov found this great deal on a certain swingset model, and sent me over there to try and find it.

I spoke to 3 employees and got three different answers, in combinations of both wrong and unhelpful. I was even directed to the manager, also amazingly unhelpful!

I had all my kids with me, all interested in everything, in all different directions. Every time I run errands with everyone I remind myself, "Do I want to be committed to an institution, or do I want to go shopping now?"

I didn't find the swingset, but I got 2 boardgames and some other needed things. The line was slow as molasses. While I was dealing with the cashier, Srulik discovered a Three Musketeers bar. He didn't quite get the wrapper open, he just kinda suctioned a little out of it. I was horrified. "NO!" I said, "NOT KOSHER!" I can't even get into how badly I feel about that.

Send in the men with the white coats. I'm ready.


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