Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Smells like a Housewife.

The other day I was shopping in my local grocery store - whose slogan is, "Where Shopping is a Pleasure." Yaakov and I joke, "Where Shopping is Oppressive."

So I was there and I needed dish soap. We usually get the orange antibacterial one, but this time I was feeling fiesty. I musta stood there for at least 5 minutes smelling (it's hard for me to make decisions). I chose Palmolive, lavendar and ylang ylang aromatherapy. Same schtick with the hand soap (I settled on Softsoap's vanilla brown sugar).

I guess this would be a simple thing if my indecisiveness was limited to finding the right fragrance. But it was also, "Do I really need to spend the extra money on perfumed dish soap?" and "Do I need this davka now or can I stretch what I have?" and "What happened to the girl who only bought soap from the health food store?

I think I'm trying to make my tedium a little more interesting. I wash lots of dishes every day. Ditto with the diaper changes. Why not make it a lavendar and ylang ylang, vanilla brown sugar experience? Are you getting my point? MY LIFE IS BORING!

I think Betty Friedan wrote a book about me.


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