Sunday, December 25, 2005
The first licht.

My family came today to celebrate Rivky's birthday (chof-daled kislev) and Chanuka tonight. We had a grand time decorating the house for the festivities.

Besides for the family regulars, my aunt and uncle came (mom's side). Uncle Jay sure knows how to put away latkes, G-d bless him. We always crack jokes at each other, and he never fails to remind me of my colorful past. "Maven, did you make these latkes with pot?" "What? Do you think I'd waste my pot on you? That's reserved for the special guests."

My mom bought me a huge frying pan, which I asked her to buy and toivel for me in her local keili mikveh. I needed something big for latkes, and this sucker held twice the amount of my other pan. I can't see using it any other time except for Chanuka, though.

The kids got tons of presents. We're not into presents on Chanuka, so Yaakov and I don't buy them. The relatives, however, how can you say no? There was a lot of cheap tchotchkerai (that secretly made its way into the garbage). They also got some good stuff, like a globe (okay, they asked me what the kids wanted and that's what I said. It was really for me). Plus, high quality wooden building blocks and a tool set for Srulik. And not one, but two fancy schmancy make-up kits for my maidelach. My mom got Yaakov and I an anniversary gift (5th night of Chanuka), which we have not opened yet.

We all ate too many latkes and donuts (sorry, Ariel Sharon), birthday cake for Rivky, and Chanuka gelt. We lit our beautiful Rambam menorah (freshly polished, thanks to mom's brasso) and sang haneiros halalu.

Chanuka Sameach!


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