Monday, December 12, 2005
Pushing a hot button:

Stan "Tookie" Williams is scheduled to die tonight at midnight PST. Thusfar, Governor Arnold has denied him clemency.

I don't have an opinion as to whether he is guilty or innocent. I do have an opinion about a certain word that I feel is being overused: racism.

I have read that word too many times regarding this case. Like yesterday, in a telephone inteview with Mr. Williams. The interviewer asked if Williams would say aloud the names of the Chinese people he purportedly killed. The phone line went dead. One of Williams' handlers said, "What? That's a racist question."

HELLO? A racist question, to say some names out loud? Racist in regards to whom, Williams or the Chinese people?

Here's another overused word: nazi. People don't like somebody, they call him a nazi. President Bush has been called a nazi so many times. I mean, come on. Calling George a nazi is like calling Hitler a compassionate conservative. (I am not opining on the president either, by the way.)

And another: anti-semitism. There's a certain Chassidic group that moves into residential neighborhoods and basically turns homes into shuls. The neighbors don't like the noise and the traffic, they complain. This is a residential neighborhood, they say, we don't want you to turn a home into a synagogue. So what do the supporters of this organization claim? Anti-semitism! (And for the record, I am DEFINITELY not giving an opinion on this one.)

Let's not cheapen things: pull out the big guns when they're deserved.


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