Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Bye Bye, Yucky Wall.

We're renters. When we moved into this house, we did a lot to make it "live-able." Some things we figured we would leave "as is", considering the expense.

One thing we left alone was the kitchen wallpaper. It's actually only on one wall. It's peeling, dirty, and not so nice. But hey, we rent. We're not putting more money into the place. That was our rationale. But two years have passed, and the wall is just GROSS. Not to mention that there's grease on it now, too, and the texture of the wallpaper makes it impossible to clean. (I've tried.)

We are having other problems, due to the fact that there are openings in the screen ventilation at the bottom of the house. This is an issue that my landlady is willing to take care of, and a handyman came over the other day. When he was here, I asked how much it would cost to strip the wall and repaint it. "That's not a big job," he said. "Twenty bucks."

I am SO EXCITED. Twenty bucks! All we had to pay for was a gallon of paint. The handyman is due here any minute, and I can't wait. If I had known it was gonna be this cheap, I would have done it 2 years ago. And while he's doing his thing, I'm going to pesach-clean the pantry (conveniently located right next to the yucky wall). I'll be able to do this, because Srulik and Rivky will be watching the handyman in complete wonderment. They'll be watching, and I'll be cleaning.

I know all you balabustes out there are thrilled for me.


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