Sunday, March 19, 2006
Let Go and Let G-d.

I believe that phrase is popular with the Narcotics Anonymous crowd. Damn if it 'aint true.

I know I've probably written about this a zillion times: money. My issues with it, fears over it, elation from it, yada yada. I've blogged about needing to have a little more faith/trust in Hashem that he'll take care of me (us).

There's a purim mitzvah called matanos levyonim, basically giving charity to at least 2 people. On purim, some yeshiva boys knocked on our door. They got the first mitzvah. Purim came and went, and I realized we never gave to a second party.

I also realized that I never took 10% out of the money I received at the jewelery exchange. That is the halachic requirement for tzedoka - at least 10% of one's earnings. I got 350.00 total, so I took out 40 bucks and left it anonymously in an envelope on someone's door. I asked G-d to please consider this our second mitzvah of matanos levyonim. That was my intention, even though purim had passed. The money was coming out of our weekly budget, and I knew we'd be tight.

But I also know that G-d gives to us when we give to others. Tzedoka is the portal for heavenly assistance. So I let go and let G-d. I trusted that I was doing the right thing.

This morning, Yaakov got a phone call - would he play bass drum at a Hachnossas Sefer Torah? My favorite event! Of course he would! And he got 50 bucks for it, too, something he would have gladly done for free.

I can't help but think that it's quid pro quo. Thank you, Hashem - we needed the extra grocery money. And thanks for giving us such a good time earning it!


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