Sunday, March 19, 2006
Coming out of the...


Bedroom closet, to be exact. Yaakov and I cleaned it for pesach this evening. I got rid of so many clothes, va voy! The thift store will be so happy to see my donation box. I got rid of tons of wire hangers, too.

I am also going to be brave and part with my bas-mitzvah dress (see picture at right). It still has its dry cleaning tag in it. It's been hanging in my closet forever. Goodbye, chintzy dress. I loved you once, 17 years ago. Remember you and me on the bima at Temple Beth El? What a team!

We shelved tons of books, some of which migrated from the pesach-cleaned front closet. High school yearbooks, comics, and Yaakov's sci-fi collection (
bonus nerd points for the "Star Fleet Manual"). Not to mention the stunning National Geographic "Titanic" collectors' edition.

Yaakov organized his music gear. We found space for his bass and my beat-up acoustic. I put some old wigs safely in a bag. I got rid of lots of his old, stained shirts, but was denied the pleasure of discarding another ripped-up shabbos kapoteh (he wants to wear that one out to dinner, too, I guess).

We cracked Beavis and Butthead jokes and Yaakov warned me several times to back off with my pesach O.C.D.

It was a good night.


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