Friday, April 21, 2006
Erev Shabbos.

It's so bizarre that pesach is over. I just took a second batch of bread out of my oven. In one moment, the house became chomeitzdich again. I don't know how to explain the weirdness of that sudden transition.

There is a custom, on the shabbos after pesach, to bake a key into the challah dough. This is not a Chabad minhag, but it's something I do nonetheless. The key is a "talisman" for livelihood, or sustenance. Since I left the Brooklyn Ghetto, I've used my key from there. The key was to the house of my chassidisher landlords - we rented the upstairs. I feel that key connects us to them, and I hope it symbolizes spiritual sustenance as well. Of course, the luck goes to the finder - we're having guests and I baked 8 challahs. Who knows who'll get the surprise!

My house is trashed. There's dishes to be washed, laundry to be folded, more food to make.
I was going to bake brownies, but I decided to recycle pesach produce into dessert. So I'm making an apple pie and a sweet potato pie. It's nice to be out of pesach and "back to normal."

Whatever that means!


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