Saturday, April 22, 2006
Talking at the Table:

Last night Yaakov and I got to have shabbos dinner by ourselves. He considers himself a libertarian. I honestly don't understand how a frum Jew can think the way Yaakov does. I mention this to him every time we talk politics.

For example: gay marriage.

YAAKOV: It's not the government's place to impose morality on the people.
ME: But if marriage is a legal union in this country, then the government does have a say as to whom the marriage partners can be.
YAAKOV: Yes, but that's a moral issue. The government has a problem with gay marriage because they define marriage as something between a man and a woman, and not everybody agrees with that.
ME: But if people get to define marriage as whatever they want, what if some guy wants to marry his cat? Is that okay?
YAAKOV: (shrugging) So, let him marry his cat. It's not fair that gay couples can't get the same tax benefits as married people.
ME: So you're saying it's acceptable for financial reasons? What kind of reason is that to get married? That's not a marriage.
YAAKOV: I agree, it's not a marriage. But we're talking about separation of church and state. The state has no business mixing into people's personal lives.
ME: But the founding fathers' idea behind "church and state" was to protect the church, not the state!

I also challenged Yaakov on this whole morality business. I mean, what if somebody thinks it's morally acceptable to kill somebody? Does that make it okay? And what about laws in general? Don't laws generally come from a place of morality? Around and around we went.

At least we agreed on the apple pie.


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