Sunday, May 21, 2006
I'm a maven, not a shadchan.

Okay, this is gonna sound stupid:

I read the New York Times' vows column. Also known as their "weddings and celebrations" feature. I like
the lovey-dovey romance stories and reading about how people met. I like the 5 minute videos, where a couple tells their story.

But what I can't stand, absolutely cannot stand, is when I think a couple is mismatched. Like, beautiful girl with ugly boy. Nope - I don't like it. Or M.D. marries sanitation worker. It happens. Or Sheila Bernstein marries Luke O'Hara. Diane Weiss - interfaith rabbi - officiates. That is the absolute worst!

A Jew marrying a non-Jew is wrong, and I don't mind feeling disgusted over it. But I do feel bad when I get irked over a mismatch in looks or social strata.

I can be so shallow.


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