Sunday, May 14, 2006
Mother's Day.

Let me introduce you to two mothers in my life, both discovered in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

This first mother is timeless. I found her at the 7th Avenue sunday flea market. While shuffling through pictures at an antique vendor, her full lips and plump baby appeared. I remember feeling arrested, and I picked her up for a closer look. I love her dark, upswept hair and happy face, she seems so proud of her round-faced babe. To me, she epitomizes young motherhood in all its glory. It happens that it was a mother's day when I found her, and for 25 cents I could not leave her behind. I wonder about her, who she was (is?) and who that baby grew up to be.

The second mother I found in front of the 7th Avenue Key Foods. The photographer himself was selling his work. I saw this beautiful brown woman, and I loved her instantly. I love her long black braids, draped over her shoulder, son securely on her back. Notice his watchful eyes and his "footie" pajamas sticking out of the sling. To me, he says, "Yo tengo mi madre, y soy contento."

Happy mother's day.


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