Tuesday, May 16, 2006
News Flash:

We're expecting another kid - in about a month, B'ezras Hashem.

Since today is Lag B'Omer - a most auspicious day - I decided to finally share the news. There have been many times I've wanted to blog about it.

Like when I was in my first trimester after Hurricane Wilma, nauseous in my hot house with no power for 15 days.

And when I had major insurance hassles trying to secure a midwife. I'm still having them.

Or when I had the concussion - and lived with a non-stop headache for a week - because I try not to medicate during pregnancy.

When a midwifery student, trying to draw blood, failed. Twice.

When my primary care physician wouldn't help me when I had pink-eye, because "I don't treat pregnant women."

Or when Srulik - during my 6th month - jumped from the top of the couch right onto my big belly. I cried. A lot. I called my midwife. On shabbos.

And when my dad spoke to a Chinese astrologer and was told; "She's definitely having a BOY!"

When I got a message from the frum maternity store that: "an anonymous friend who really loves you" left me a 100.00 gift certificate.

When I was on my hands and knees, cleaning for pesach, 7 1/2 months pregnant.

And all of my fun visits to the midwife, Srulik and Rivky in tow. Srulik is in total awe of the Doppler machine.

Or how - at my last trip to the pediatrician - the only stickers they had left for the kids said, "I have a new baby brother!"

For all the times I've moaned and groaned (and blogged) about the 3 blessings I already have...

And the fact that this pregnancy has been one giant acne crisis.

So now you know. B'sha'ah Tova.


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