Wednesday, May 10, 2006
M.D. does NOT mean Minor Deity!

My rash is almost gone. The one the dermatologist (who did a scraping) said was contact dermatitis. The one the Wednesday-pediatrician said was scabies. I've been treating it with the cream the dermatologist gave me.

The pediatrician told me he saw rashes like that all the time, and he considered it scabies. "I can't do a skin scrape on every kid I see - I just give them the scabies medicine."

This made me think. A lot. The only definitive way to determine scabies is to do the scrape and examine it under a microscope. If you're not scraping, you can't know for sure. And considering how much my rash resembled a scabies rash, I see how easily it could be mis-diagnosed.

So maybe there are kids with contact dermatitis being treated with scabicide? That's bad news! There's a part of me that wants to call that pediatrician and say; "You know, the rash you insisted was scabies wasn't. Maybe you should start scraping your patients to know for sure."

But I don't think he'd appreciate that.


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