Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Love and Logic III

So at our last L & L session we went over the C.O.O.L. formula:

C = shared CONTROL
O = kid OWNS the problem

O = OPPORTUNITY to think/make a decision
L = LET empathy/consequences teach

We saw a little video about it. We also got a workbook, through which I discovered I'm a "helicopter parent." I hover around my kids too much, trying to control the situation. This, in turn, dis-empowers them from making decisions (and ultimately learning). I'm trying to shut down my rotors and let L & L do the work! I really see an improvement in both my parenting my kids.

It's a little challenging to integrate all this L & L stuff when we're due in about 3 weeks. I'm trying to prepare myself emotionally for the birth, I'm reading up a lot and learning new things. One thing I learned was that a laboring woman does not have to push so hard to get the baby out. Her womb alone will expel the infant (with 40 pounds of pressure per contraction!). If the woman bears down with the contraction, she adds another 20 pounds of pressure. The best thing is for the woman to push - because the need is very present - but gently so. "Breathe the baby out." It doesn't have to be an athletic event. This is major news to me, I wonder why I never learned this before! I think this will help a lot in my labor.


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