Monday, June 19, 2006
Domo Origato, Mr. Farto.

So today at the library we got to see a magic show. I marvel at all the programs our local library provides - if these are my tax dollars at work, I'm happy.

Anyway, on the way out I perused the books for sale.
I found "The Good Earth," by Pearl S. Buck. I read it in the 8th grade. I remembered how much I enjoyed it, so I picked it up to buy it. Apparently, the original owner had a sense of humor (and a black marker).

Later, on the carpool line, Chaya saw one of her friends. "Please Mommy, can Rochel come home with us?" So I arranged with her Mommy, and Rochel came over to play and have supper.

"Srulik likes to take off his diaper and pish on the floor." Chaya giggled. "Chaya," I laughed, "Don't be giving away all our secrets." Then Rochel piped up, "Well, my Tatty farts all the time." I waited for Chaya's inevitable rejoinder, which would have been, "Mine does, too." But it never came.


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