Sunday, June 18, 2006
Happy Father's Day.

Yaakov is mowing the lawn. Then he's going to wash the cars. Fatherly things to do, right?

I got him this book for father's day. We've had a lot of success with the program! I'm looking forward to learning more, and further improving our parenting skills.

I was hoping for father's day we'd have a new baby - I'm officially overdue. People call me and ask, "Have you had your baby yet?" or, "You're still around?" I can't tell you how much I love that!

It's frustrating - I have lots of contractions (and sensations) that just go nowhere. I keep thinking, "Oh, maybe this it it," and it isn't. I had the same problem with Srulik: When I went into labor, I said, "Is this really it? Should we call the doula?" I couldn't believe it was actually happening, after all the "false starts."



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