Sunday, July 23, 2006
Rubbed the Wrong Way?

I finally saw it. The infamous "Bush Backrub." And let me tell you, I think this has been WAY overblown.

I've read reports that this was sexist and childish. Inappropriate. But what I saw was a guy just being a jokester. He kinda crept up on her - Chancellor Merkel - gave her shoulders a quick shake, and darted away. You could see on Bush's face that he was pulling a prank.

Granted, you might say, "That was the G-8 summit, no place for tom-foolery like that." That may be. But I still think this has been overdramatized. First of all, to call it a backrub or massage is incorrect. He didn't touch her back. He did not massage her. He thought he was being funny. I thought it was. And Angela Merkel smiled, too.

Second of all, a week or two ago Vladimir Putin went and kissed a kid's tummy while doing a public appearance. He said something like, "He reminded me of a little kitten, and I wanted to kiss his belly." Hello? That's just weird.


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