Saturday, July 15, 2006
What if G-d was a Girl?

I know G-d technically doesn't have a gender. But all the allusions to "Him" do. Within the Judaic framework, He is our "King," and our "Father." When I pray, it's to a male deity. This is not a conscious thing.

I know other religions have masculine godheads too. Some have revered women. Catholics have Mary. Hindus have Kali. But it seems to me the "Man Upstairs" has the most accolades.

I wonder how society would be different if we prayed to a girl god. How would this affect our daily lives, our speech? "Oh my goddess!" We might be heard to say.
Would we be kinder and gentler? I remember once learning in a history class that wars were fought for "God, Glory, and Greed." Would there be so much war if G-d was a girl?

There is such a thing as the "Shechina," the feminine aspect of G-d. The Shechina is a more mystical, hidden dimension of G-dliness.
This facet will be more prominent when Moshiach arrives.

I await you, My Lady.


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