Monday, July 10, 2006
This should be the worst of my problems...

My cleaning lady is a fruitcake. I mean, if she weren't, she'd be a brain surgeon and not a cleaning lady, right?

She uses up way too many cleaning products. She doesn't follow directions, and she leaves chemicals sitting around (when I constantly remind her it's unsafe with my kids). She frequently stops and has these little chats with me, which I find terribly annoying. I want to tell her to shut up and just clean, but my spanish isn't good enough to be polite about it. She doesn't clean so well, either, and lately she's been cancelling on me. She was supposed to come this morning...

I've been unhappy with her for awhile, but I haven't been assertive enough to A) fire her and B) find someone else. It's hard to get cleaning help around here. But this morning I thought, "If I'm paying her 11 bucks an hour, she should be great." So I called a friend who knows another cleaning lady.

I'll keep you posted.


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