Friday, July 14, 2006
The Wagon.

I fell off of it yesterday. Big time.

It started when I went to the midwife for a check-up. I got on the scale, and it registered a whopping
5 pounds higher than mine. This made me depressed. Of course, feeling depressed made me eat a bunch of potato chips that I brought for the kids to nosh on. And when I got home I said, "What the hell. I've already been a bad girl, how about I eat a ton of spaghetti? I'll be a fat blob forever." That's how my evening went. Not to mention the lush chocolate cookie.

Now I appreciate the loving comments y'all left about not worrying about my weight right now. I want to be clear; the WW nursing diet provides me with more than enough food for the day. I am not starving myself. I am just following a plan that will help me lose weight and keep me in control. I need to have set boundaries with food, otherwise I overeat. That's why I love WW. Everything is very controlled - you have x amount of points for the day. I am also obsessive, so counting points is perfect for me!

I am going to try really hard to let go of last night's indiscretions, and just move forward. Teshuva, right?

In other news, my midwife diagnosed my neck lesion as "weeping eczema." She advised me to put on the topical steroid cream Dr. Gay gave me for the dermatitis I had.


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