Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Urban Legends.

We've all heard them. Or heard about them. And now that we have the world wide wonk, we get them via email. Yippee!

Like once I got an email that Starbucks was anti-semitic, because they were pulling out of Israel. Well, this is simply untrue. Israelis are used to stronger European coffees, and thought Starbucks coffee sucked. Plus, they would open a store right across from a popular cafe or coffee bar, a place that had steady clientele and loyalty. Israelis weren't interested.

And then there's the Nigerian scam, send your money to so-and-so in Nigeria and receive thousands back! Oooookay...

Today I got one from my grandfather. He's the grand-daddy of all things forwarded (well, maybe my landlady is - but I digress). Don't fall for the 809 area code trick! They'll call you and insist you call back! You don't know it, but you'll be calling the Bahamas, and when you do you'll be charged 2500.00 a minute!

This was the dumbest email ever - because in it was a link to the AT&T website debunking it! No, it's not the Bahamas, it's the Dominican Republic. And it's 4.00 a minute. Watch who you call, people, that's all.

I mean, Pop-Pop is an intelligent man. How could he fall for that crap? 2500.00 a minute? Are you calling G-d? And this he forwarded to everybody! Including my mom (and that guarantees that this urban legend will not go gently into that good night).

P.S. Dr. Gay confirmed the eczema, but said it was infected. More cream!


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