Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Spin Doctors.

...and I'm not referring to the 90's jam-band. I'm talking about the media.

What's the spin? Bad, bad Israel. Israelis are baby killers! Israel is inhumane! Israel is firing on civillians!

Take Qana, for example. Israel bombarded them with leaflets and radio time. "We're coming, GET OUT!" One woman said, "We couldn't afford the cab fare to leave." Okay, I buy that. But Hezbollah was right there. They couldn't cough up a couple of bucks to get the civillians out? They have money to build schools and buy rockets...

I noticed the media didn't report that Hezbollah put itself in a civillian population.
That's where Hezbollah chose to set up camp. Where they were firing rockets from. I mourn the mothers and children who were killed at Qana, but I blame Hezbollah. They hide behind women and children, and point the finger at Israel when they're dead.

And another thing. Hasn't Hezbollah been firing on Israeli civillians? Like, every single day? You don't hear about it, because it's bad, bad Israel, and nice, nice Lebanon. Israelis have been in bunkers for weeks! Israel hit Qana in an attempt to strike Hezbollah - it was a mistake to hit the building. It's never been a mistake when Hezbollah fires onto civillians.

I'm tired of the media spin showing one side, showing Israel as the bad guys. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, and have been terrorizing Israel for years.

I hope Israel kicks their ass.


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