Sunday, September 24, 2006
The Rosh Hashana Revue:

All Rosh Hashana I kept thinking, I'm not into this. I'm not spiritually attuned to this holiday. Rosh Hashana is about crowning G-d as king, judgment for the entire year to come. You would think I would be trembling in fear, right? That's what Rosh Hashana is about - being in awe of Hashem.

Nope. I was tired. I couldn't wait to go to sleep Friday night. I did not da'aven. I did not learn. Shabbos day more of the same. Had a whole bunch of guests for lunch. Didn't go to shul. Didn't da'aven. Didn't learn. But I served a nice lunch for a nice family. I got to take a short nap.

Today I was assigned kid-patrol outside of shul for an hour. Didn't da'aven. Didn't learn. I looked at sheitels. I looked at other women's yom tov outfits. Yep. Very spiritual.

Tashlich came, and the kids were running their hands all up and down a metal bar near the canal. Then I found out it had bird poop on it. Thank G-d for antibacterial wipes, and thank G-d (!!!) I had some with me. That was fun.

Even though I wasn't "with it" this Rosh Hashana,
I asked G-d to cut me some slack. I've done a lot of chesed lately.

p.s. I got to try a fruit I've never tried before. I liked it.


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