Monday, October 16, 2006
Goodbye, Chagim.

Friday was the last time we shook lulav and esrog for the year. I felt sad about it, and lovingly kissed each one goodbye. The sukkah is being dismantled as I type, although I won't miss that so much. What can I say? In and out, back and forth with all the food, bugs everywhere...not my favorite thing. I tried to think of all the hardships people had to go through with their sukkahs. Like in Russia, where chassidim would freeze half to death sitting in their snowy sukkahs. Who am I to complain about our balmy gazebo in the sun?

I had a beautiful little moment with G-d while in the sukkah one night. I thanked him for Zalman. Last year I sat in the sukkah and prayed for a healthy child. This year, I got to thank G-d for it. I told G-d that he answered my prayers, and I realized I never told Him that. It was a moment. I cried.

Shemini Atzeres and Simchas Torah were fun, and the weekend progressed fairly nicely. Friday night I took the kids to shul for "kids' hakafos", and again Saturday night. Those were fun, Yaakov had a ball dancing around with them. I had to leave soon thereafter though, the place was totally insane and kids were everywhere. Lots of small children milling around outside in the dark is a bad thing. My anxiety
was pretty high. I don't know why our shul has to be totally upside-down all the time. One out of town guest - a Lubavitcher! - said "I wouldn't want to be a member of this shul, it's too disorganized." I agreed. Our shul is nuts.

Sunday there was dancing in the streets with the Torahs, and a beautiful kiddush afterwards. Then I went to Mrs. Stein's and hung out at her house for the afternoon. THANK YOU MRS. STEIN. If I had stayed home alone with my kids, it would have been miserable for all of us. At 5:30ish we walked to shul and met Yaakov, then came back home. It was a really nice weekend.

Now, the laundry.


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