Monday, December 25, 2006
Big Brother is Watching...

Whenever I order from Amazon, they send me an email recommending other books I might like. "We notice customers who expressed interest in ... have also purchased ..." They remind me of recent books I've looked at. It creeps me out.

When they send their "buy stuff" emails, I usually ignore them. Look, Amazon, just because I ordered a self-help book doesn't mean I want 6 more. But today I got a recommendation that rocked my world. I really want this book! It's 36 bucks - oy.

Anyway, thanks to Amazon's tracking system, I got a list of subjects that Yaakov and I have either browsed or purchased from.

.NET Active Server Pages All Categories C & C++ Windows Programming C#Careers Client-Server Systems Cognitive Psychology Database Management Systems Databases Emotions & Feelings Fantasy Historical Internal Medicine Internet Literature & Fiction Motivational New Age Personal Transformation Self-Esteem Software Development Success United States Visual Basic Web Site Design Windows

(Aren't we cute?)


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