Sunday, December 17, 2006
Put on your yarmulke...

It's time for chanuka.

Today the family came for our annual chanuka party. The burmuelos made their debut - I wasn't impressed. The latkes, however, were scrumptious. Yaakov made them.
We went through an entire bottle of oil.

The kids hit paydirt. Lots of Thomas the train stuff for Srulik! Chaya got a "twister" game - perfect for her. Rivky got a mini drawing easel. Zalman got clothes and this crazy electronic ball thingy that lights up and plays music. He's in awe. It's not something I would've personally picked, but whatever. Toys for a 6 month old shouldn't require batteries. A few gifts discreetly made their way into the "give-away bag."

Yaakov and I got a 100.00 gift certificate to a fancy schmancy steakhouse, courtesy of my mom. She even wrote on the card she'd babysit for the night. Really nice.

We had a lot of fun. I'm totally zonked.


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