Friday, January 05, 2007
In other food news...

I made dinner last night for a family with a new baby. Chaya came home from school today and said they loved it! She said one of the siblings approached her in school and told her "they ate it all up." I was amazed at how wonderful this made me feel.

Pareve stuffed shells

1 box jumbo shells
1 package firm tofu
1 container Tofutti "Better Than Cream Cheese"
1 jar of your favorite pasta sauce
1 egg, beaten
handul of frozen chopped spinach, defrosted
salt, onion powder, garlic powder

Cook shells according to directions. DO NOT OVERCOOK (or they will get soggy and hard to stuff)! Blend tofu, Tofutti, egg, spinach, and spices with a hand blender or food processor. You want a little consistency, so don't overdo it (although make sure all the tofu pieces are blended). Stuff mixture into shells by the tablespoon. pour sauce over the top and bake at 350 for 45 mins to an hour. Easy and yummy!


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