Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Erev Pesach.

My house is insane. Because I'm pesach cleaning, most other tasks have fallen to the wayside. The laundry is a big mountain, the dishes are unwashed, the table is covered in groceries. Lots and lots of stuff is piled all over the couch. Five bags of stuff made it to Goodwill. Zalman has a bad rash and always wants to be held. Srulik has regressed in his potty training. The bad news: poop. The good news: disposable gloves.

All my kids will be home for the rest of the week. Tomorrow we will go outside and scrub chairs/play in the sprinklers. Thursday is Charo-day. Thursday night Yaakov will turn over the kitchen. Friday I'll get my fleishig order. I know by the time we sit down for the first seder, my house will be sparkling. Little by slowly, I will make it. (Insert Gloria Gaynor song here.)

I am comforted that other Jewish women are likely in the same, messy boat. I reach out to them in sisterhood.


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