Thursday, May 24, 2007

I could tell you about eating too much. Or how much time I spent laying on my couch. Or how all my kids had fevers. But these things didn't define the yom tov for me.

What made my shavuos was hearing the aseres hadibros. I closed my eyes and imagined myself at Har Sinai. I was wearing a drab brown robe, a nose ring, a scarf. My eyes watched the heavens. Around me were my sisters.

In my vision, I placed around me women who hurt me, or whom I've hurt. Women that I feel pain over, even as I type these words. I wanted to stand and receive the Torah with them.

Ve'ahavta lire'acha kamocha: Rabi Akiva omer, zeh klal gadol batorah.
Rabbi Akiva said; Love your fellow Jew as yourself. This is the entire Torah.


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