Sunday, July 01, 2007

The folks who live diagonally behind us have two puppies, who are unfortunately allowed to run loose. They like us, and yip and yap all the time in front of our house. They're cute, in their dopey puppy way.

The puppies have had some close calls with traffic. Several times Yaakov has deposited them back over the fence. He even spoke to the neighbors, telling them it would be best to keep them in their yard.


This past shabbos they got into one of the neighbors trash bags. They proceeded to tear it apart, spilling it's contents all over our yard. One of the items was a pair of bloody thong underwear. I can't make this stuff up, folks. Bloody. thong. underwear.

So today we were driving in the neighborhood, and I said, "let me knock on their door and talk to them." Yaakov pulled over. No answer. I decided to write a note:

Dear Neighbors,

Please keep your puppies enclosed in your yard. They opened a garbage bag and dumped its filthy, nasty contents all over our grass. If you do not keep them on your property, I will call animal control and report you. Consider yourself warned.

I didn't sign it, and I stuck it in their door. Maybe I should have left them the underwear as "Exhibit A."


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