Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Books and Dogs.

The thing at the library yesterday was actually a K-9 presentation. Two cops and their big german sheperds. And kids. Lots of kids.

What got me thinking was something I learned there: the dogs cannot receive affection at all. It would decondition them from their "tough-dog" working life. One cop said when he walked his dog, kids would come up and want to pet it. He had to explain to them how they couldn't, that it was a work dog. Can't have the dog getting friendly, it has to attack escaped convicts.

So this started spinning a lot of gears in my head. Is that fair to deprive an animal of physical affection because of its job? Do animals truly need that affection, or is that a human trait we lavish on them? And is it fair to put dogs in that position, to sniff out cocaine and murderers?

And this all ties into Brave New World (which I did check out, despite my absent wallet). I devoured that book, I haven't read it in years. It's a book about - amongst other things - societal conditioning. In Huxley's bizarre "utopia," people are genetically modified to fill the roles in society they are destined to play. They are then further trained and conditioned (like the K-9's?) to meet those goals.

Stephen Gaskin once said that all people have telepathic abilities. We are conditioned out of them, he said, to be a part of a duplicitous society. How much are we conditioned all our lives? Wash your hands say shema don't hit it's not nice don't talk to mommy that way 8 o'clock time for bed...

p.s. Aldous Huxley requested 100 micrograms of LSD as he lay dying.


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