Thursday, June 14, 2007
Glory Days.

This morning Zalman was running around, endearing himself to everyone at Weight Watchers. One man took a picture out of his pocket. "Yep," he drawled. "Ten grandkids I got. And two great-grandkids! How old's your son?" I smiled and told him that today was his first birthday. "That's wonderful!" He drawled. "Enjoy every moment, it goes by so fast."

It's easy to say when you're on the other side, but I'm in the trenches. I'm the one cleaning poopy underwear. I'm the one worried about dinner. I'm the one folding tons of laundry, reminding them to brush their teeth, putting them in time out when they bite each other. I'm the one who has to tell them 20 times to get buckled in.

But I'm also the one who gets cards, pictures, and kisses. I'm the one who gets snuggled. I'm the one who gets to go to school performances, who sheps nachas from glowing report cards. I'm the one who gets to tuck them in. I'm the one who gets accolades for a good dessert.

Sometimes I dream of Yaakov and I being old. The kids are grown (all 15 of them). I've got a gray sheitl and he's got a white beard. We're on vacation, surreptitiously holding hands. And I'll see a young mother go by, pushing her stroller.

I will feel wistful.


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